Hikayati Books is the region’s first publishing house dedicated to engaging readers on a personal level. We produce high quality wordless picture books that bring out our readers’ inner storyteller…their inner “hakawati.” Our wordless books allow each family to own the story it tells, to constantly reinvent and re-imagine it from rich illustrations, and to use language that is personal and relevant. We’ve made it our mission to get young children to fall in love with books well before they can read by making them part of the storytelling process. After all, that is how our books become “our stories.”

Wordless Books we Love: Wimmel Books

We'd like to take the time to talk about a wordless book series that we absolutely LOVE. It is part of a German genre of books called wimmel books (wimmelbuch or wimmelbilderbuch in German). The series can keep just about anyone busy for hours, including the family pet!

What to do with a Wordless Book

Wordless books are a wonderfully personal way to engage with print. They allow both children and parents to tell a story their own way and to focus their attention on aspects of the book that are interesting to them. There are many ways to enjoy a wordless book together, and we've gathered some tips to help you get the most out of your storytelling experience.

What exactly is a Wordless Picture Book?

Wordless books are, on the surface, books that tell a story using pictures and not words. However, wordless books are not always completely wordless! So, what exactly defines a wordless book? The following post provides some insight into the matter.
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