Wordless Books we Love: Wimmel Books

We’d like to take the time to talk about a wordless book series that we absolutely LOVE. It is part of a German genre of books called wimmel books (wimmelbuch or wimmelbilderbuch in German). The series can keep just about anyone busy for hours, including the family pet!

What to do with a Wordless Book

Wordless books are a wonderfully personal way to engage with print. They allow both children and parents to tell a story their own way and to focus their attention on aspects of the book that are interesting to them. There are many ways to enjoy a wordless book together, and we’ve gathered some tips to help you get the most out of your storytelling experience.

What exactly is a Wordless Picture Book?

Wordless books are, on the surface, books that tell a story using pictures and not words. However, wordless books are not always completely wordless! So, what exactly defines a wordless book? The following post provides some insight into the matter.